Basalt to Breakers

Conserving Oregon's native trout species for a sustainable future

Fiscally sponsored by the Oregon Wildlife Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

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Our Mission

Basalt to Breakers is a locally based nonprofit focused on Oregon native trout conservation. We pursue conservation through our three core values: Education, Engagement, and Exploration. Each of our initiatives apply these three core values to help protect the resources necessary for the future of Oregon fisheries.

Oregon's Native Trout Challenge
man wearing brown hat fishing on water
man wearing brown hat fishing on water

Current Initiatives

We plan to formally introduce Oregon's only Native Trout Challenge in early 2024, which will have a $35 participation fee that will help fund all future conservation projects for native trout.

We appreciate your interest and we will release instructional and educational materials through social media outlets when the complete regulations for the challenge are set. Please make sure to follow us on social media for updates.

Publicly Available Data

As a part of our challenge, we are currently working on ways to make additional native trout population data publicly available. We plan to formally announce our plan for this initiative after the start of our challenge in 2024, but we currently welcome all engagement on this initiative.

person holding gray and beige fish
person holding gray and beige fish
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